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GHW is a technological-based company, practicing safe and careful methods. Not only do we understand that safety is the lifeline of all GHW employees, but also that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets. We constantly improve the level of environmental protection and safety.

As a company, we continuously improve the dual system construction and ensure safety measures are met. Some of the safety equipment that is used in our facilities include automatic water sprinklers, automatic gas leakage alarm system, remote monitoring, automatic control safety interlock system, and improved automated fire safety facilities to ensure full-time safety control throughout the plant.
GHW's wastewater and gas treatment system utilizes the most suitable treatment process available. The effluent water quality is monitored online and stabilized to the required standard. The multi-stage absorption of exhaust gas operates at the optimized absorption rate, and both wastewater and gas are strictly discharged in accordance with Vietnam`s standards.
The company pays attention to "product quality, environmental protection, and safe production are corporate responsibilities,” and has passed: ISO9001 quality management system certification, HALAL certification, FAMI-QS production business operation specification system certification, and safety standardization compliance enterprises.

The testing center is equipped with advanced equipment such as the Agilent LC, Shimadzu Gas Chromatograph, and Metrohm Ion Chromatograph.It is a fully functional test facility that includes Instrument Rooms, Analysis Rooms, Heating Rooms and Sample Rooms. The staff of the testing center has more than 10 professional analysts to ensure product quality.Currently serving 5,000 customers worldwide, we have ensured product quality and earned good market reputation by establishing goodwill of GHW brand.

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