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The VIV exhibition in Thailand was successfully concluded in 2019

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2019.3.13-3.15, in Bangkok, Thailand, GHW participated in the 2019 Thailand VIV exhibition with choline chloride, betaine and iodized salt products.


The 2019 Thailand International Intensive Animal Husbandry Exhibition was grandly opened at the Bangkok International Trade Exhibition Center in Thailand. Since its establishment in 2009, it has been a decade old. The scale and influence of the exhibition has developed into a large and professional international livestock exhibition in Asia. The countries with the largest source of exhibitors are: China, the Netherlands, Thailand, the United States and France.

Exhibition criteria:

Feed; animal health;

Feed ingredients and additives;

Feed mill, industrial feed processing equipment, supply, raw materials;

Animal breeding; farm equipment;

Slaughtering equipment; meat ingredients;

Meat, dairy products and egg products;

Meat processing, packaging, processing and refrigeration, egg processing, dairy processing;

Aquaculture; pesticides; veterinary;

Poultry farms; pig farms; cattle farms; fish farms;

IT services, news media/consulting companies.

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