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GHW (Vietnam) kicks off its 2022 Safety Production Month campaign

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On 7 June 2022, GHW (VIETNAM) CO., LTD (GHM (Vietnam) ), the overseas production base of GHW International, held the “Safety Production Month” kick-off ceremony on the occasion of the 21st Safety Production Month in China.

This is the third consecutive year of “Safety Production Month” in GHW (Vietnam). The event was held under the theme of “Implementing Safety Responsibility and Promoting Safety Development”, and leaders of the company, heads of various departments and employees from all branches attended the kick-off ceremony.

Zhao Meng, General Manager of GHW (Vietnam), delivered the opening speech to officially kick off the activities of “Safety Production Month” for this year.


GHW (Vietnam) has always attached great importance to the work of safety production management and has achieved a number of achievements including zero general and major accidents, zero personal injury accidents; smooth operation of plant safety facilities and equipment; effective completion of emergency drills for safety accidents; effective implementation and enforcement of various safety systems and safety practices; and continuous improvement of safety literacy and safety awareness of all employees.

General Manager Zhao Meng also made detailed arrangements for safety work and called on all employees to take this activity as an opportunity to improve the working mechanism, enhance safety awareness, eliminate safety hazards and build a firm safety line of defence. At the ceremony, he put forward the safety objectives for the next phase, that is, the number of minor accidents shall be ≤1; double prevention shall be carried out for key safety hazards; the person in charge of each workshop shall put all safety work into practice, on the ground and in a detailed manner; the Safety and Environment Department shall promote pragmatic measures and strengthen its supervision function to avoid accidents.

At the ceremony, the employee representative of the first branch plant spoke on stage, sharing the understanding of production safety and declaring the safety target for this year on behalf of the department; the employee representative of the Safety and Environment Department explained the details of the activities of this Safety Production Month, and the activities covered every link of safety production in a comprehensive manner.

The “Production Safety Month” campaign is a way to emphasise, reaffirm and sublimate the importance of production safety. All employees shall observe the safety system of the company, take the lead in responsibility and promote the safety development of the company. GHW Group will also continue to promote the construction of safety culture, improve the safety awareness of all employees, and strive to be the a practical “forerunner” in the industry and the “bellwether” of safety production.

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